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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2004|02:51 pm]
[music |Deepest Blue - Is It A Sin]

friends only...

if u are worthy of being on the list... u are, if u aren't fuck off and die :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2004|01:29 am]
[music |Atreyu - Right Side Of The Bed]



city was cold
shoes were bought
alan was alan
tash was gorgeous
chimaira were awesome
inflames were grim \m/

tonight was fucked
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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2004|01:16 pm]
[music |Aven - All I Want (Ferry Corsten Remix)]

since it seems to be the popular quiz of the moment...

The Juggernaut
The Juggernaut

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

and let that be a warning to ye
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Goodness [Sep. 14th, 2004|12:27 am]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |BoyHitsCar - Lovecore (Welcome To)]

OK with things having slowed down post muse heres where my life is at...

Thursday i was at worked, was chilled.

Friday night went ot MD gig at the Hackney, it was uplifting for me to see my posters i had designed printed and up on the walls :)

MD rocked out hard, and Suzanne, Annie, Paris and Mel came :)

good to see them again :D

um lets see... saturday went to ShotPointBlank gig at Jive, Jungle Fever kicked ass in support so i picked up their demo for $4... bargain :D

Destined to Die filled in and rocked out and Later that night also went off

Looking back i think the most impressive band on the night was Stolen Youth... big improvment since seeing em last time... but Shot Point Blank still dominated the night... those guys are gonna be big in the hardcore scene for a while methinks :D promqueen mkII ;)

anywho... sunday... what did i do sunday? not much... BBQ at jono's with the guys, more of the same goodness :)

hmmm this is disjointed

today i ventured into the city and did some shopping, i picked up...


Street Fighter #9 (Alternate Cover)
I Feel Sick #2
Cable and Deadpool #6


Invader Zim Vol.2

Random Coolness:

A Set of HIM Dogtags... gah i luv them :D heartagrams and the like... wooooo (if u wanna know how to make me happy? 1 word. Heartagrams :D


tommorow i have work

and i should be sleeping now... but... NAH

um i don't have much else to say... hmmm upcoming plans

Thursday: MD Gig at the Gov
Friday: InFlames, gonna be an awesome evening, meeting the beautiful Tash in the city beforehand and hanging out then an insane metal show... perfection
Saturday: Japunga at Enigma Bar being supported by Later That Night, good metal and hardcore... good night :) then after that... Zim marathon with Suzanne :) shall be much fun

also sometime coming up i am going to the movies with Annie to see Donnie Darko which shall be good

gah so many things to do... -better remember to keep an eye on his cash-


peace out or drink bleach
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2004|12:50 am]
[music |Wumpscut - Deliverance (Album Mix)]

I am one of those people that love to hear the sound of their voice. That and my lousy attitude make for a mixture as toxic next-day-mexican-dinner-ass-drip.

Edit: i just relised the pic is Dennis Leary... this makes me happy... him being one of my idols and all :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2004|12:32 pm]
i am at work :)

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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2004|03:01 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Frankenbok - The Hole]

ok i am gonna ignore all events missed in my journal leading upto Muse, because that concert makes everything seem pale and insignifigant.

ok let me get this out of the way, the support band SUCKED. They were as generic as a Vines/Jet hybrid... me and Alan were contemplating severing our own limbs simply so we had something to throw at the band...


my day yesterday... (this is gonna be long)

It actually starts the nighr before, Me, Shaun, Alan, Moz and Steven went to Salisbury to Shaun's Auntie's place cos he is house sitting there, we sat around, watched stuff, shaun and alan devised a song and i played juiced on xbox... we generally had a good time and i got to sleep at 5:00am BUT

i had to be up at 6:30am cos i started my new job yesterday, so with 90mins sleep shaun drives me an hour to PT Noarlunga Primary school so i could start my first day of work as an IT Technician, and u know what? i fucking enjoyed it. :) Yeah i know its a nerdy thing to enjoy but i really don't care, its what i enjoy doing :P (and the coffee is good to boot)

anywho... so i finish up a 7 hour day running on 90mins of sleep and 8 cups of coffee and 0 food. I get home and sleep for another 90mins (all the time i had) hastily ate a toasted cheese sandwhich and spoke to spice on the phone... plans were finalised and it was set... TIME FOR MUSE\\


We drove down to Thebie and found a neat little parking spot, left stuff in the car, grabbed money and walked to the venue to embrace destiny... or something... ;)

anywho... got in there easily... basicly no security i could of bought a knife in with, no one would of known (scary ehh). Me and spice get in there and almost instantly spot Shaun, Alan, Moz and Annie... we weren't alone hurrah, but by god there was no villa in sight... kinda worrying as he was supposed to be with Annie... i wont touch that situation... who knows what happened... anywho (first time i had seen annie since the time at Alan's, and it is true she is rather cute XD)


spotted Cameron, Sarah and Bitch in the middle of the crowd, couldn't reach em, not long till the show, no sign of JT... also worrying.

the support band came out called Neon, apparently hand picked by Muse... but they fucking sucked, as i said earlier ;)
There was a bit of a wait inbetween bands, as the roadies checked things, set up mics the crowd was getting hot, stamping their feet, clapping, chanting, cheering... the atmosphere was rising... things were gonna go off.

The lights dim and the band hits the stage, they play the opening riff to Hysteria and the roof fucking blows off, the crowd go nuts and for the rest of the night hings are a blur.

The pit (if u can call it that) wasn't fucking crazy, a bit of jumping but it was just fucking intense, emotional, over whelming... hard to describe. Definite highlights were Butterflies And Hurricanes, Hysteria, Plug In Baby, Hyper Music (I think it was this anyway) and the encore.. Sing For Absolution and Stockholm Syndrome.

During Stockholm Syndrome they dropped the big white balloons which is a Muse trademark, gotta love it. Added to the show, which was already incredible, so clean and professional... a perfect compliment to the music. I was surprised they had the video screens, but alas they did. 3 big ones covering the backdrop. The videos added so much, taking the show to the next level... GOD LAST NIGHT WAS GOOD...

ok i am on the verge of rambling.

I hate crowd surfers, i have no problem with moshing, beatdowns, cricle pits anything... but i hate crowd surfers cos guarenteed its alway my head and neck getting hurt by one of em :S
So now i am sitting here with a chronicly sore neck.. but i'll survive. After the show, we all met up and chatted, was cool. Saw Tash for a short time while waiting near the entrace, she was looking good as usual. Um hmmm... left with Shaun, Alan, Villa and Moz and we went to subway/BP at Christies and bought food etc and reflected on the night... was funny there, and i am surprised they didn't kick us out.

in closing i want to thank everyone who came to muse last night, all my friends who shared in that experience. It was one of the best nights of my life, and i am glad i had so many cool people to share it with.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2004|06:25 pm]
[mood |morosemorose]
[music |Atreyu - Beeding Mascara]

god i am too lazy to keep this up to date it seems ;)

anyway... i am listening to 4 tracks on repeat,

Muse - Stockholm Syndrome
Fankenbok - The Hole
Finntroll - Trollhammeren

now if u know me these 3 tracks are nothing out of the ordinary... but the 4th...

Atreyu - Bleeding Mascara

this is a new track to enter my playlist and is a little out of my ordinary as i don't listen to hardcore that often (going to gigs doesn't count) but my god this track is incredible, reminds me of things, makes me think of people and places, fills me with emotion... this track is pure

anywho off to Steven/Moz's housewarming party, i will be back with more details later in the weekend.
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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2004|12:02 am]
[music |Muse - Dark Shines]

yeah i know i said i'd update but i am tired and lazy

and my keys are now covered in Dr Pepper :S


MD gig tonight was good

Muse = 6 days
Inflames/Chimaira = 11 days

must remember to call Tash tommorow night

I now work at Pt Noarlunga Primary School working in their IT department doing their webpage and servicing computers and i also work at Bilo doinf Nightfill, i went from no job to having 2 in 2 weeks, cool huh.

new T-Shirt came today...

School Shootings Tour Shirt from TShirt Hell .com


yes this officialy makes me an incensitive and bad person... ohwell

and i overreacted before... said sorry... done and done

um what else... my keys are now sticky... great... just fucking great
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2004|12:56 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |............................................................]

OK been a while since my last update so lets suss all this out shall we... BTW since i feel the current song is no where near lasting this length of time i plan to spend typing, as each new song starts i will mention it in the entry ;)

-Future Primitive - We're Flyin'-


MopeDialer's first gig, what else can be said. They went off, i am so proud of those guys, they totally upstaged the headline act. BUT the opening act... man that was shit. I have never wanted to walk out on something so much in my life. It was some girl on keyboard playing preprogrammed drums and basic sweeping synths while her husband/boyfriend/slave/i don't know attempted to play guitar and sing. But instead of play the guitar he kinda just fumbled at it struggling with tune and timing. They just embarrassed themseleves and they knew it. Anyway, back to MopeDialer...

-Jimmy J And Cru-L-T - Take Me Away (Slipmatt Mix)-

...they ripped it up. You can tell a show is good when out of the 30 people there, 20 are on there feet and cheering. Then when one considers this was midweek at an unadvertised 18+ gig. You gotta respect em for pulling that kind of response.

After the gig me and villa went back to my place and shuan came round and we just had a chilled celebration to the success of MopeDialer, this was embodied in the form of watching clips of Saturday Night Live's Celebrity Jeopardy which has become a new favourite among the group it seems. First it was Chappelle now SNL... i wonder whats next...

-Jimmy J And Cru-L-T - 6 Days-



Day was boring, i slept for most of it, this caused me to be late submitting my form for Centerlink... oh well. When it came to the evening, Me, Shaun, Steven and Jono were struggling for things to do, so we decided a drunken evening at the Tav was called for. Now for those not aquainted with the Seaford Tavern (I assume everyone reading this is not), on friday...

-Red Alert And Mike Slammer - In Effect-

...nights, its turns into i guess what could be called a club. They have lights, loud music, drinking... i guess it equates to a club but that is far from making it a good place. They play commercial music only, catering to the masses of social clones they cater too. RnB for the most part but everynow and again the DJ will drop something entertaining be it a rock song, a bit of commercial/club trance and every now and again some punk. Now the DJ is utter crap, a waste of space. he does not mix, merely crossfade at an in opportune time. I wont comment on this much now i will save my opinions on DJs and mixing for another rant... this one is gonna be way too long as it is... anyway back to the Tav. Me and the guys are well aware the Tav has 2 advantages, the proximity of a 10 minute walk form my house and the fact its not bad when u are totally drunk. So we gathered at my place and proceeded to consume Wild Turkey, Woodstock, Highlander, Coopers and Canadian Club for 2 hours while viewing stand up comedy, once appropriatly merry we strolled up the hill to the Tav and decided to have fun. Nothing of much consequence happened. Shaun continues his decent into becoming a fully fledged smoker, although he wants to quit as to not fuck up his voice....

-DJ Brisk - Airhead (Slipmatt Mix)-

...Highlights definatly included seeing some old friends from school and the whole group of us (Me, Shaun, Jono, Erin, Kylie, Mel, Kat, Steven) going crazy too Holy Grail, Blister In The Sun and Black Betty. We staggered home sometime about 2am and all collapsed at my place. I Didn't see anyone leave, I woke up at 12:30pm and my house was empty... conveniant.


I was dead for most of the day, hanging in the world of not quite hung over but not exactly feeling good either, went driving with Jono and Shaun, thrashed the lancer nice and good. Shaun screamed at random people on the side of the road. The highlights being him calling some pregnant woman a slut and telling 2 5 yr olds to go fuck themselves. Yes, this is what we have come down too :S

oh well it was funny in its own juvinile way.....

-Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Original Mix)-

...hmmmm too much music in this post... too much Happy NL Hardcore... moving on...

Saturday Night i went to the city to see Nik Fish @ Traffic, this was pretty disappointing in alot of way as Fish's records had been sent to Melbourne by mistake so he never ended up playing his set. But Ody ripped up instead and played a good set progressing from Hard House to Hard Trance with some killer tracks dropping which must be added to my Wishlist... BUY ME VINYL PEOPLE!!!!!!

anyway, saw phil and benno for the first time in ages... was good, i was drunk and danced for about 6 straight hours... made my legs die.
i got home about 5am and slept for about 3 hours... yeah woe is me

um ok i am starting to lose cohesion in this entry, i think its too long for what its trying to achieve so i will wrap it up soon.

-The Collective - Kick It-


Went top the city with Jono and Villa, we killed time with a video camera before going to the Excelsior Hotel to see MopeDialer's second gig, although an acoustic set it was good, with some nice Filter covers played. Once again, very proud of the guys and they know it :)

Sunday night was interesting, Alan, Shaun and Villa came round and we watched a movie entitled,

I Spit On Your Grave. This movie is banned in numerous countries including Australia and it deserves its own entry so i am gonna wrap it up for now, tommorow i will detail Sunday night, Today (Monday) and Tuesday :)

fuck this is long and i am tired and i... i... i... dunno

peace out or drink bleach

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